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    Livius provides a family of services all under one roof. Livius has expert tutors and consultants for test preparation, academic enrichment, remediation, summer learning, study skills and more. Services are available throughout the year and in a variety of formats. 

    Livius:  A Commitment to Excellence. 

    When Neil Chyten founded the company in 1984, he brought a longstanding reputation for excellence shared among his extensive client base and was determined to bring that same level of excellence to his company. He insisted that Livius would be a shining model of private education. Livius, the company, is the product of that commitment to educational excellence. The following seven qualities only begin to tell the story of how Neil's commitment to educational excellence has made Livius the national leader in tutoring, test preparation, academic enrichment, and college admission services:  

    1. Livius Writes its Own Curriculum

    This is exceptionally rare in this industry in which 95% of all companies and individual tutors largely repurpose content from publically available test preparation books and study manuals. While writing books is not an easy task, Livius believes that the payoff in student performance makes it well worth the effort. 

    2. Livius Hires Only Exceptional Tutors

    Livius begins its tutor hiring process by requiring all tutor candidates to have master's degrees. While this alone does not ensure that Livius has the best tutors in each region, the interviewing, screening, and application process does. With master's degree as a starting point, Livius dives deep into a potential tutor's interpersonal characteristics and applies its proprietary hiring algorithm to the process. Only if a candidate possesses Livius's eight essential characteristics of a great tutor does the hiring process continue.   

    3. Livius Keeps Parents Informed and Involved with ParentNET

    Long before such things were readily available, Livius built a proprietary web-based parent communication tool called ParentNET. Through ParentNET, parents are able to check schedules and receive tutor and class notes following every session. They can also give feedback to, and receive feedback from, Livius tutors with respect to their students' particular challenges, strengths, opportunities, and progress.

    4. Livius Creates an Environment for Extraordinary Accomplishment

    Livius has years of experience bringing out talents and abilities that are often hidden from view or buried deep within a student's mind. It provides the essential nutrients needed for growth: encouragement, challenge, advice, guidance, suggestions, and strategies. The teaching skills of Livius tutors, combined with top flight curriculum resources, have long created an environment in which students can reach and exceed even their own expectation.  

    5. Livius's Tutor Match Guarantee

    The importance of matching the right tutor to a student cannot be overstated. Livius focuses a great deal on the tutor-student matching process. It backs up the effort with a tutor-match guarantee. If you don't agree that a tutor is the right match for your child, Livius will try to find a tutor who is a better match. If you still don't agree, Livius will refund the fees paid for both sessions and thank you for the opportunity to have worked with your student. 

    6. Livius Provides All Services Under One Roof

    Parents need not search for a tutor here or a counselor there. At Livius, all services are provided in a seamlessly integrated manner for a more effective and uniform experience. Parents are assured that all services will be of the highest caliber, backed up by Livius's 30 years of industry experience. Further, Livius provides parents with the information they need to make all the right decisions at all the right times.    

    7. Livius Has The Strongest Matriculation and Test Score Improvement Record in the Industry. A philosophy is only as great as results would indicate. So, while the six characteristics above certainly make Livius unique, it is Livius's longstanding record of success that has solidified its reputation for educational excellence. Matriculation: On average, 10 local Livius students are admitted to Harvard each year. Over 1000 more have been admitted to America's top colleges and universities which include: MIT, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Duke, Carnegie-Mellon, Pomona, Swarthmore, Tufts, Penn, Georgetown, Wash U, Amherst, Wellesley, Williams, Northwestern, Juilliard, Boston College, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Chicago, Middlebury, Colby, Vermont, Virginia, and Berkeley. Test scores: Livius ACT students increase their scores by 6 points, on average. Livius SAT students improve their scores by an average of 274 points, which equates to 181 points on the SAT's new 1600 point scale.