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    LifeLaunchr’s FREE Scholarship Match

    LifeLaunchr’s FREE Scholarship Match


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    LifeLaunchr's FREE Scholarship Match will ask you a few questions so you can find scholarships that are best matched to you. College can cost the average family between $80,000 and $120,000 for a four-year degree. Scholarships are a great resource to help families pay these costs. The key to winning scholarships is to find those that are tailored to your profile, so you maximize the change of winning.

    LifeLaunchr's Scholarship Match helps you narrow down your list of scholarships and find the ones you are most likely to win. out of over 2,000 scholarships whose applications come due in the next three months, we will help you find the ones you have the best chance of winning. Then let us help you stay on track with a personalized scholarship and college list with our LifeLaunchr's On-Demand Coaching. Visit our website to schedule a consultation.