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    LearningRx® has trained more than 100,000 students, adults, seniors, and retired NFL players to learn and live to their full potential. We do it through a series of intense (but fun!) mental exercises that work on the way the brain learns, thinks, and performs.

    What makes our programs so unique is the engaging, one-on-one programming we provide to every individual.

    Our process begins with a baseline Brain Skills Assessment that measures a client’s acuity in long-term memory, visual processing, processing speed, logic & reasoning, auditory processing, working memory, and attention—the core cognitive skills that we rely on every day to learn, think, and perform. The Assessment identifies which skills are strong and on-point, and which skills are weak and need strengthening.

    Based on Assessment results, we create a targeted brain training program that addresses each person’s needs. Their customized training course is delivered through a series of intense (but fun!) mental exercises that work on the way the brain thinks, learns, reads, and remembers. Clients work one-on-one with their own personal brain trainer about an hour a day for 12 weeks or longer. This face-to-face aspect of our programs takes the training experience to a whole new level and is a big part of our clients’ success.

    Our baseline Brain Skills test and follow-up training can be completed in-Center or from the comfort and convenience of home.

    LearningRx’s pioneering methods have been used in clinical settings for more than 35 years and our work has been validated by more than a dozen scientific journals; publications that represent leaders in the fields of learning, psychology, and cognition. Whether you’re a student seeking help for yourself or a parent, clinician, or educator seeking help for the individuals you serve, our Assessment will help you uncover the “why” behind the struggle and the next best step to making learning, and life, easier.