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    LearningRx Anaheim Hills


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    LearningRx is a successful nationwide network of brain training centers. We are a family of concerned and passionate educators, professionals, and local business owners who want to help kids and adults learn and perform faster, better, and more easily.

    Brain training (also known as mental or cognitive skills training) is different from tutoring at a very basic level. Tutoring is simply re-teaching material that a student missed the first time it was presented. Brain training provides you and your student the chance to get to the root of the problem and literally rebuild his or her basic ability to read and learn with specifically designed and delivered training exercises. If you know a student who struggles to learn or read, brain training can strengthen the weakness now causing their struggle. Contact your local LearningRx to speak with a training specialist or schedule a comprehensive learning skills test. If struggles persist even with repeated tutoring or help, it is time to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.