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    Ivy League Potential is a world-class college consulting firm with a 90% success rate of helping qualified students get into one of their top three colleges. Founded by Sonia Lal, a Harvard graduate, and a former Harvard admissions officer, Ivy League Potential offers many personal college counseling programs, a leadership academy, a research-mentorship program, and much more to help your student enhance their skills and abilities in the essential areas needed for top college acceptance.

    Our offerings for college application success:

    • Personal Counseling Services- We help students grow in many areas that lead to being on the radar of top colleges. Ivy League Potential can assist your student with world-class tutoring, effective essay writing, resume preparation, interview practice, researching colleges and compiling a prospective list, choosing impressive extracurricular and summer activities, career exploration, SAT/ACT test prep, and more.
    • Research-Mentorship Online Program- Students receive invaluable experience and learning opportunities by working 1:1 with top university professors from MIT, Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and many more universities. Not only do students complete a collegiate-level research education opportunity, but they also get a feel for the top university experience while they are still deciding on their future. For hard-working students, there is the possibility of publishing their research, winning awards, or receiving an excellent letter of recommendation.
    • BS/MD Prep Program- With acceptance rates as low as 1%, BS/MD programs are very competitive. Through this program, physicians on medical school admissions committees share their insider knowledge in mock interviews and by reviewing essays and applications. With these vital tips and insights for improvements, students get the edge they need to apply successfully to BS/MD programs. Students also learn about programs such as virtual shadowing that are essential components of these early medical school acceptance programs.
    • Leadership Academy- Demonstrated leadership abilities and community service involvement are two critical components of getting accepted into top colleges. In this 15-week program, students work 1:1 with a mentor to start a nonprofit, club, or community service initiative. Participants develop leadership skills, study the lives and works of Nobel Prize winners for inspiration, and put this knowledge to work in their service projects.
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