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    Intelligentsia Tutoring Co.


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    Intelligentsia, Inc. started with the desire to fill the gap between what schools offer and what students absorb. Intelligentsia offers Academic Coaching and Tutoring, Admissions Consulting, and Test Prep in New York City.

    In our Academic Coaching sessions, students are coached to become more engaged with the rich curricula offered at their schools. Tutors improve students basic skills, including organization, time management, writing skills, and critical thinking _ as well as other general problem areas. Academic coaching is most common (and usually the most effective) for students in middle school or beginning high school.

    We offer Admissions Consulting for Independent Schools and Colleges. We work with students on the college admissions process from start to finish, usually beginning in Sophomore year. We ensure that students are using their time in school, after school, and over break to bring their interests into action, so that their portfolios will shine. Our tutors thoroughly evaluate each student's personal, academic and social needs, then help them find the schools that will suit them best. We reduce the stress inherent to the process by managing deadlines, improving writing skills, and refining essay topics. We also offer expert advice for campus visits and applicant interviews.

    Intelligentsia takes a different approach to standardized test prep than most tutoring companies. We start by gaining a thorough understanding of the students skills by introducing strategy and content for both the SAT and ACT. Then we determine which test will be the best platform for the students strengths, and proceed by teaching strategy, pacing and content based on the numerous mock tests our students take. Our sessions hone test-takers instincts, allowing our students to make quick judgments with confidence and accuracy. Moreover, all of our test prep tutors are adept subject tutors, uniquely enabling them to bridge the gap between classroom comprehension and testing skills.