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    HelloCollege is the premier provider of top-tier college planning guidance and resources for families, schools, and organizations nationwide. Established in 2012, we specialize in delivering personalized college admissions counseling, tutoring, and essay coaching combined with test prep, online support tools and an interactive college planning curriculum.

    HelloCollege provides College Application Counseling and Tutoring services for students from 8th-12th grade. Our College Application Counseling includes: personalized college admissions counselor with regular meetings, finding the right college fit framework, access to essay, career development, and assessment portals, common Application Tips to Stand Out + 15 more workshops, proctored practice SAT and ACT tests & test prep strategy, scholarship search & expert financial aid advice, college application & deadline tracker, expert advice on tailoring college applications and final review. Tutoring includes a personal tutor for general coursework, 8th thru 12th grades, advanced placement and honors courses and ACT/SAT strategy & score improvement. We also offer essay coaching and editing on it's own that includes a dedicated essay coach & essay portal, support with developing essay topics and outlines for college & scholarship applications and essay editing & refinement.