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    Gap Year Solutions helps students successfully transition to college by building life skills through Real World Learning. We are their coach and advisor throughout this process, and customize a combination of internships, work, service and travel into a structured Gap Year plan. 

    More and more, U.S. teens are considering their options before jumping right from high school to college. Rather than simply choosing among colleges, many of today’s high school seniors are also beginning to defer the college experience – usually for a year. This “Gap Year” – which has been a standard practice in the U.K. for years – is growing rapidly in popularity here in the U.S. Experience has shown that 90% of students taking a Gap Year will enroll in a four year college, and be more focused and ready to embrace college learning. Gap Year Solutions believes that all students, regardless of income or background, should have the opportunity to explore whether a Gap Year is right for them.

    We believe in immersive, Real World Learning, and focus on helping students build important life skills – time management, networking, dealing with adversity, working with people of diverse backgrounds. Our founder understands today’s teens and the complex demands they face. The strong connections she creates with her students lead to honest conversations, and ultimately, transformative experiences.

    Our goal is to work closely with families to first identify if a Gap Year experience is right for the student. We help high school and college students from all over the U.S. navigate the huge variety of Gap Year choices, in order to make the most of this time. Gap Year Solutions works with each student to develop options tailored to the student’s goals, needs and interests. For example, budget, geography, type of work, service, and language immersion are important considerations in designing a Gap Year experience. A successful gap year depends on having a well thought out plan.

    It is easy to become overwhelmed when sifting through the options on your own. We “meet students where they are,” and listen carefully to their interests and goals. Our real world experience and research with program educators and students who have completed Gap Years make us an ideal choice to advise students considering a Gap Year. We encourage students to embrace this unique opportunity to push the pause button, dream big, be authentic and believe in themselves!

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