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    FindMino – Exploring Careers the New Way

    FindMino – Exploring Careers the New Way


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    FindMino helps you to find the majors or jobs you really like (even if you just don't know), and we hand pick online material that's actually helpful. It's a simple and friendly tool that inspires!


    Findmino is a free web-app that aims to break the mould on how to choose the right college majors or career path. 

    We offer a simple swipe test (based on existing and proven career tests) to quickly get you a personal profile and a first suggestion of college majors or jobs. If you prefer you can also pick a few key words that match your interests and get other suggestions ('Inspire me'). 

    We then relate jobs and majors to inspire you to explore different paths. By clicking 'related' jobs or majors you can explore jobs or majors in the same area. By clicking tags underneath jobs or majors, we get you yet different ideas.

    Job and Major info that we offer consists of selected online material we believe is pretty good, and we add some home made content also: Day in the Life video's, podcasts, online courses, books and relevant websites or publications: They bring the job or major alive for you and help you to navigate your way through Colleges or Jobs.