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    Ellen Aronis Heard, Inc.


    • Listing Type: Service Providers
    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: Therapeutic Advisor
    • Affiliations: Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA)
    • Service Delivery: In-Person, Online
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    Ellen is a therapeutic/educational consultant, concentrating exclusively on residential placements for challenging youth and young adults.

    As your educational consultant, I will guide you to options that you may not have considered or found online and I will be there to support you through the emotional journey on which you are about to embark. This is not just a child placement; this is a placement for the whole family. From coaching you on the questions to ask programs, monitoring your child's progress, advocating for your child with the programs, should situations arise, and occasionally getting some scholarship-you need not feel that you are walking this path alone. These programs are expensive, with the low-end basic facility being approximately $3,800 a month to the high-end psychiatrically sophisticated program of $12,000 a month. Only you can decide if doing nothing is more expensive than getting the help that your child needs.