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    Educational Tutorial Services


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    Educational Tutorial Services has two primary goals: cater to the foster care system and provide high quality private tutoring programs to students of all ages. We focus on test preparation and closing the gap in learning caused by interruptions in students knowledge building.

    At Educational Tutorial Services we have a personalized approach to teaching, which in turn makes the student much more likely to succeed. We do this by offering weekly pre and post-assessments as well as monthly progress reports to parents, teachers, and school administrators. Additionally, our tutors and instructors are diverse in their backgrounds, and many of them live in the same community as their students.

    Benefits of our foster care tutoring services include free tutoring to the majority of foster children, paid by the child's agency or organization; a set-up time of no more than 48 hours; tutors available for students grade K _ 12 and college; and nationwide service.