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    EduPlanners can be pivotal in setting the stage for your student's well-being and long-term success! We have helped many families in a variety of situations: from college planning to target appropriate options and making applications to addressing substance abuse issues through therapeutic programs.

    Our services help families from Nashville find therapeutic programs that "give them their children back." Our mission is to be the educational consulting bridge between the various needs of each individual family and healthy, successful long-term outcomes.

    In-depth family assessments include interviews with clients, and, where appropriate, with active adult family members, siblings, teachers, coaches, religious leaders and clinical professionals to identify suitable therapeutic programs and schools. We have helped many Nashville area families find the right school or therapeutic program for their children. There are many options, often too many for families in the Nashville area to evaluate on their own. EduPlanners consultants work with you to find the right match for your student's needs.