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    Dobson Educational Services can help your family find the most appropriate
    placement – the “right fit” – by understanding and clarifying your child’s needs, and
    by guiding your family through the process of searching for and choosing the right
    school or program.

    With more options and instant access to information, making the best choice for your son or daughter is becoming increasingly complex. Interpreting what your child needs - and determining which schools or programs will meet those unique needs - can be a daunting task. Dobson Educational Services can help.

    Dobson Educational Services offers educational consulting and placement services for families considering:

    • Independent day schools
    • Boarding schools
    • Schools for special learning needs
    • Therapeutic schools and programs
    • Summer enrichment experiences
    • Alternative education programs

    Dobson Educational Services works with families considering private elementary, middle and high schools, and post-secondary programs. We also work with children and teens who have learning disabilities or other special needs, and with children in crisis situations who need therapeutic placements. Our main interest is finding what's best for the student and for the family. With an extensive, first-hand knowledge of public, private and residential boarding schools, as well as enrichment and therapeutic programs, Dobson Educational Services can offer choices that may be unfamiliar to you, but could be just what your son or daughter needs.

    Families generally seek our guidance during a time of transition in a child's educational life, such as:

    • Beginning school - Kindergarten or earlier
    • Moving to a new area - Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the mid-Atlantic region offer an exceptionally rich, diverse mix of educational options. As members of IECA, we can also help if you are moving to another part of the country.
    • Changing from a public to an independent (private) day school
    • Selecting a boarding school - We stay current on these schools with regular visits, and we are members of the Association of Boarding Schools.
    • Responding to special needs - Learning issues such as ADHD or dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, emotional and behavioral difficulties, addiction issues, and psychiatric disorders can seriously impede a child's progress and success. We know of established, successful programs - locally and nationally.
    • Looking for unusual educational options - For unique personal and academic enrichment, including summer programs, semesters abroad or at sea, wilderness programs, arts experiences and community service.

    Phone: (215) 242-3587 (PA) and (732)804-4919 (NJ)

    Email:jpd@dobconsult.com and rjl@dobconsult.com

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