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    Dean Doering & Associates


    • Listing Type: Service Providers
    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: Parenting Advisor, Secondary School Advisor, Summer Program Advisor, Therapeutic Advisor
    • Affiliations: Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA)
    • Accreditation: IECA Professional Member
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    Our team at Dean Doering and Associates brings together more than 75 years of experience in educational assessment and consultation, child development, comprehensive mental health evaluation, parent coordination, psychiatric testing and assessment, counseling and guidance.

    Collaboration with your student and family is the cornerstone of our teamwork. Dana Dean Doering, ARNP, Executive Director, is our lead educational consultant and senior clinician. Guy Oram, Ph.D., serves as our consulting clinical neuropsychologist and gifted education expert. Sarah Persha, M.A., associate educational consultant, specializes in young adult transition and parent coaching.