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    Custom College Visits


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    There’s something about visiting a college campus that lets your teen understand its real personality. When Custom College Visits plans your multi-day college trip you’ll receive an itinerary that goes well beyond the group tours & information sessions.

    Custom College Visits provides personalized college visit planning services for college bound teens and their families. Multi-day college trips and on-campus visits are tailored to the specific interests of each student, allowing them to visit the universities and colleges of their choice. We usually work with a parent to determine:

      • Trip sequence
      • Ideal on-campus visit days
      • Most convenient means of travel

    We make appointments with:

    • Students
    • Faculty members
    • Club advisors
    • Athletic coaches

    We make arrangements for:

    • Attending classes
    • Overnight stays
    • Special events

    We can arrange scheduling of student interviews and visits to facilities not on group tours

    We will also register the student for group tours and information sessions

    Through our partnerships we can provide up-to-date research for travel and lodging recommendations & provide booking assistance for air, ground and destination services.

    Since 2009 Custom College Visits has had the privilege of assisting college bound teens and their families from around the globe with in-depth college tours and multi-day road trips that have been both informative and memorable.