College Options in the Performing Arts (COPA,Inc.)


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    Amy Goldin has been involved in guiding students in the college search process for more than 30 years. Through COPA,Inc. Amy and her team of performing arts experts offer cutting edge college information, guidance and support to Performing Arts students and their families.

    COPA, Inc. is a college advisory service dedicated to helping students and families navigate the college search and application process, with a special focus in the Performing Arts.

    From Middle School through High School and into the college years, COPA, Inc. guides students and their families through the college search and the application process that are unique to Performing Arts students. Recognizing that School Counselors and school and studio music, theatre and dance teachers encompass a student's starting points, Amy and the COPA, Inc. team provide adjunct guidance and information as well as talent assessments that enable students to recognize their academic and arts strengths and highlights.

    Careers in the 21st century are complex and fluid, and the face of the performing arts is ever changing, evolving, and reflecting society. The COPA, Inc. team of performing artists bring their experience, knowledge, training, and life stories to new generations of performers! 

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