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    CollegeAI allows students to fill out a survey that assesses their interests, academic performance and personality. We then match that student to colleges in the United States and provided a recommended package of colleges they should apply to.

    The United States alone has over 4,000 undergraduate colleges enrolling over 10 million students a year. Yet when it comes to finding the right college, every student must search through dozens of websites, go on multiple college visits and speak with their parents or a counselor. Finding a college doesn't have to be so difficult.

    Every college has a unique set of attributes, from their greek life, to their academic ranking, to their athletic facilities. Every student also has a unique set of characteristics, like the kind of weather they like, what activities they enjoy and what they like (or dislike) to study. By using extensive college datasets, thousands of student survey responses and cutting edge machine learning techniques we can quickly and painlessly narrow a student's college search to a small set of potential colleges. The student can then browse their colleges in order, compare colleges, see reasons to attend or not attend, and get an application or decision package.