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    College Planning Experts, LLC works with families to assist in several areas including career choices, college selection and financial assistance. Our unique process is designed to address the challenges and issues facing college bound students.

    e help customize a series of programs that fit the needs of each familys unique circumstances as well as their financial goals. We hold your hand while educating you through the entire process of positioning both the student and the parents for optimal results in both college admissions and the funding process.

    In our Family Financial Positioning, we teach parents how to maintain their current lifestyle, continue to fund retirement, as well as pay for college .all at the same time. We pride ourselves in discovering missed cash flow and tax scholarships to create the funding thats necessary to address college expenses. We will create a comprehensive plan with college funding and retirement as core objectives.

    Student Positioning is our way of matching the students academic abilities and desires with a group of college's where the student can be successful and happy. This is then matched with the institutions ability to give financial assistance with the familys ability to pay.

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