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    College-Match LLC


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    College-Match is dedicated to helping students and their families navigate and simplify the college search and admissions process. Established in 2003, we are an independent college consulting firm serving the Kansas City metropolitan community.

    College-Match provides a thoughtful, structured and efficient process for students and their families to find the colleges and universities which are a great personal fit. Our process includes:

      • an in-depth assessment of each student's educational and social needs as well as their personal style
      • extensive assessment time with parents to better understand their student and family expectations
      • education for students and families regarding the factors associated with the quality in undergraduate education
      • research, selection, and in-depth presentation of specific colleges and universities which best fit the student's special criteria
      • tools and insights to assess value and get the most for your educational dollar
      • coaching and a structured process to help students get the most out of their college visits.

    College-Match offers an initial consultation without charge to discuss our process and how we help students and their families discern quality, fit and value in college selection.