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    CLE (College Living Experience)

    CLE (College Living Experience)


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    Since 1989, young adults from across the world have counted on CLE’s academic, career, social and independent living services to help them succeed at college, pursue a career, learn executive functioning skills, and build their own independent lives.

    CLE helps young adults with autism, 2E, ADHD and other unique abilities gain the skills they need to attend college and technical school, become independent, and prepare them for a successful transition into adulthood.

    What is the difference between being real-world capable and real-world ready? For neurodiverse young adults, it often boils down to executive function skills, independent living skills and social skills. In order to be successful in college and beyond, students need to prioritize and manage their assignments, maintain their living space, and interact appropriately with professors and peers – all without the level of support they received in high school.

    How Does CLE Work? The Traditional Program young adults live in apartments with support from CLE staff. There is an on-site Resident Advisor, and sessions in the apartment to help master skills such as weekly chores, meal planning and cooking, and managing a budget to pay bills. Students can take classes at a nearby college and receive daily academic and executive function support from tutors at the CLE Center. They can also choose a career path, where they receive support in pre-employment skills, help with a job search, and job coaching once employed. CLE has an active social component with group outings several times per week, weekly small group sessions and 1:1 social coaching.

    In addition to our Traditional Program, which includes the independent living skills and apartment living component, we also offer a Day Program where students to live at home and access our social, academic and career development services at the CLE Center closest to them.

    Locations include: Austin TX - Nashville TN - Costa Mesa CA - Denver CO - Ft. Lauderdale FL - Monterey CA - Washington DC

    To learn more, please call our National Admissions Line at 800-486-5058, or visit our website at www.experiencecle.com.