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    College Funding Services

    College Funding Services


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    College Funding Services has helped tens of thousands of families find the best possible college fits for their students and demonstrated how to attend college for the least amount of money. CFS guides you through every step of the college application process and builds a comprehensive plan for the most beneficial manner to fund out-of-pocket expenses. Their free membership platform brings the expertise and necessary resources on the financial aid and student loan process to everyone.

    College Funding Services helps students and families find most affordable route to college through the following services:


    How to find the right college for the lowest cost

    • How and where to qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid
    • How to get free money even if you’re not eligible for financial aid
    • Identify which colleges will give your student the most money
    • What are colleges actually going to cost you vs. what you can actually afford


    Do you have a CPA file your taxes? College is more complicated.

    • We worry about who needs what, where, when, and HOW when it comes to financial aid applications
    • One mistake on financial aid applications could cost you thousands of dollars
    • Every college has different deadlines, with different requirements. Let the pros handle this.
    • Time is money. Financial aid applications take A LOT of time.


    A proven way to get more money from colleges

    • With 16 years of experience, we have a proven methodology for getting clients more money than the initial offer
    • We work with current and former financial aid counselors that provide insider secrets
    • There is no one-size-fits-all; we customize each client appeal strategy
    • Incredible track record with divorce/separated families and business owners


    When to use resources & how to borrow at the lowest rate

    • How to borrow at the lowest rate and the best repayment terms
    • Advice on how much is too much to borrow
    • If you have college savings, we advise on when to exhaust what resources
    • How to take advantage of college tax loopholes