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    College Transitions Counseling Center- Atlanta


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    At College Counseling Center of Atlanta, our passion is helping students find schools that are a good fit for their interests and strengths. We help students to navigate every aspect of the college search and selection process and offer an individualized, personal approach to applying to college.

    We commence our work with a preliminary review of your high school transcript (courses and grades), standardized test scores, and extracurricular profile.  We then perform a career and personality assessment to help you discover your interests, preferences and personal styles. Next, we help you develop your college list and find the colleges that are right for you and that represent the best match between your interests/credentials and the institution’s admission standards and offerings.  We give you tips and advice on a standardized testing strategy, how to build your student activity sheet/resume, how to solicit letters of recommendation, and how to best plan for your college visits and college interviews.  Our Atlanta-based counselors also guide you through each step of the college application and financial aid process, providing advice on how to complete your college applications, how to draft your essays and personal statements, and how to secure financial aid and scholarships. We also teach students and families how to weigh the pros and cons associated with each college into which they have been admitted, so they ultimately attend the college or university that presents the best fit for them. Finally, we position you for the transition by helping you to select a major, choose the appropriate first-year courses, become acquainted with your college’s extracurricular opportunities, and learn about the academic support services at your college.  We also remain available to answer questions and provide guidance on negotiating the academic and non-academic challenges of college transition, as well as offer advice on how to fully take advantage of your college experience.