College Application Consultants; Inc.


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    College Application Consultants is a professional organization that works with motivated students and parents to help maximize opportunities for college and graduate school admission. Pam Proctor offers a comprehensive, customized program for the entire college application process.

    College Application Consultants' services include: SAT/ACT/PSAT prep and comprehensive college advising. Pam guides students in everything from selecting a range of collegesto finding a unique hookto brainstorming and writing essaysto polishing an eye-catching r_sum_to networking with college admissions staffersto playing off the SAT against the ACTto making strategic decisions every step of the way. Our students have gained admissions to the nations most selective colleges and universities, including the Ivy League, Little Ivies, Stanford, Northwestern, and accelerated medical programs. On the graduate level, clients have been admitted to leading MBA programs, law schools, graduate schools, and medical schools.

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