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    Take control of the college admissions process!

    The College Admissions HQ website offers a variety of eye-opening free articles, mini video courses, and guides. 

    Our new book, PAY LESS FOR COLLEGE: The Must-Have Guide to Affording Your Degree, is a singular college financial planning resource that not only covers all the basics, but also highlights financial pitfalls and cost-saving strategies that are routinely neglected in the college admissions conversation. The unique information, insights, and guidance presented in this book empower college-bound families to confidently take control of college costs and save tens of thousands of dollars.

    "Families of college-bound students looking for a clear, comprehensive coverage of all the options and considerations should consider 'Pay Less for College' a 'must have' acquisition. Its outline of various processes and approaches to financial management is clear, versatile, and mines the best of college financial concerns and programs to present strategic insights that parents and students will find essential to the task." D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    This user-friendly book is an invaluable tool for every college-bound family interested in saving real money.

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