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    College Admission Central: ResuMotiv

    College Admission Central: ResuMotiv


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    A groundbreaking product that showcases your high school career in living color! Imagine your talents, academic achievements, athletic prowess, and leadership skills all presented through a multimedia resume that admission officers will be eager to watch. The last thing they want to do is read more plain text. Give them a ResuMotiv presentation and you'll get their attention!

    • The ResuMotiv web app creates your own 100% custom multimedia resumé and presents it in the format busy admission officers appreciate: a fast-moving LIVING NARRATIVE of your talents and skills that can be viewed on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone
    • A single ResuMotiv weblink shows your complete, unique story and answers the crucial question: why YOU!
    • Every student can benefit by having a ResuMotiv multimedia resume, but it's ESSENTIAL for those in the fine and performing arts, athletics, debate, science fairs, or any other concentration that has a significant visual, audible, or motion aspect.
    • Easy to use and super powerful, the ResuMotiv tool enables even the technology-challenged to create a Hollywood-caliber presentation with drag-and-drop ease. Simply import your photos, graphics, videos, mp3's, pdf's and other resume-worthy materials, and ResuMotiv does all the hard work.
    • Don't have a lot of media to share? No problem. The built-in editor enables you to create PowerPoint-like slides with compelling animations to help tell your story. Style rules ensure a clean, professional look, even if you're not a graphic artist.
    • Robust, built-in hosting on our Tier-3 data center servers helps ensure smooth delivery of your media, even during peak traffic times – the downfall of many free hosting servers, even YouTube.
    • Your personalized weblink can be posted on your Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platform. And remember, your ResuMotiv weblink is perfect for your email signature too.