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    Career Key

    Career Key


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    Career Key supports your success!

    Ready to explore career paths or decide on a college major or program of study? Great! When who you are, matches the choices you make, you're more likely to be successful. (Yes, research proves it!) We show you how with our career assessment and free website resources.

    Career Key guides you to your career and major match.

    • Learn more about yourself with our 10-minute personality assessment
    • Identify your strongest personality types and get individualized advice for the next steps
    • Explore career and education options that best match your personality

    Career Key is simple and works on any device. It moves individuals from their assessment results to lists of matching careers and college majors that are most likely to lead to success. You can save your favorites and discover more details using our online resources. Soon you'll have a short list of top options and be ready to decide on your future!

    Boost your future success!

    Students choosing personality-matched careers and majors:

    • Perform better in college
    • Persist in school and major
    • Graduate earlier from college
    • Earn higher salaries.

    It's exciting you're taking steps toward lifelong career satisfaction, and we're honored to be your partner. What are you waiting for?  Let's get started!