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    Your College Decision Headquarters

    Whether you’ve just started to think about college, you’re preparing for your applications, or you're ready to find ways to pay for your education, Cappex is here to help.

    Browse our extensive database of schools, majors, and scholarships to build the perfect plan for attending college. We’ll even help compare the costs of different schools and calculate your chances of acceptance based on your real-life stats, like GPA and test scores. Then, when you're ready, we'll connect you with the schools you’re interested in – and the ones interested in you!

    With Cappex, you can confidently control your college decisions from beginning to end. Get information matched to who you are, and wherever you are in the process. No other website lets you own your destiny in such a powerful way. 

    Be sure to check out the $1000 easy money scholarship we offer every month. There’s no essay or GPA required to apply.