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    Blue Stars Admissions Consulting

    Blue Stars Admissions Consulting


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    Since 2010, Blue Stars has provided personal-growth oriented college planning for teens starting as early as ninth grade, resulting in consistent admissions to top-tier universities and art colleges. We love STEM students, creative students curious about including art in their admissions journey, and teens who are just not sure what direction to take.  We invite you to a 30-minute free consultation to find out about our results-driven, personal-growth oriented form of coaching. 

    Without a doubt, our most successful students start working with us at the beginning of high school, well before they apply to college. That is because building a successful admissions story that leads to the kind of results most families dream of requires years of cultivation. 

    Extensively trained in the Blue Stars proprietary method for helping younger teens thrive and grow personally throughout high school, the Blue Stars team is fully focused on keeping each individual student inspired, organized, confident, and calm. 

    Then, when it comes to applying to college, the Blue Stars team strives to meet each family's unique needs. Our proven method is designed to help each student present their best and most authentic self in their applications. Our expert counselors are trained to listen with empathy, guide strategically, keep their students organized, join in their excitement about the future, help them make good choices, and bring their applicants to the admissions finish line with a sense of accomplishment and pride – communicating progress to parents every step of the way. 

    We invite you to review our successes from the last 13 years of service to see how effective our methodology truly is!


    • I worked with Laura during my college application process, and she helped immensely. Having someone to talk to and trust reduced the stress of admissions and let me focus on what I wanted. She helped me feel confident in my work and provided amazing feedback. She helped me get into one of my top schools, guiding me into putting together an application I was truly proud of. Laura not only helped with my applications, but also supplied great college and life advice, helping me feel comfortable in the stress that can be college applications.

      - Nate, Blue Stars Student - May 1, 2023
    • Our family is grateful to have had an opportunity to work with Blue Stars. It has been almost a two-year journey for us that ended with great success! Despite the huge time zone difference for an international student living in the country of Georgia we appreciated the incredible flexibility and care from the team! The commitment and dedication from our son's mentors was as extraordinary as any caring parent could wish on this life-defining journey.

      - Alek and Irena, Blue Stars Parents - April 25, 2023
    • We extremely appreciate Laura and Amy's exceptional support in guiding our daughter through college planning and the admissions. During the application and essay editing process, Laura's dedication, patience, and understanding helped our daughter overcome procrastination and complete all of the necessary pieces of her applications. As a result, she was offered admission and scholarships to several prestigious colleges. We are so grateful for Blue Stars' support and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking college counseling services.

      - Sean and Lisa, Blue Stars Parents - March 27, 2023
    • Words are not enough to express my gratitude to Blue Stars. The service has been just phenomenal. I've been letting my daughter follow her heart and appreciate the guidance she receives from her counselor, Jen. My wife and I both know how renowned the college planning program is, and we can't thank the Blue Stars team enough for the world they have introduced to my daughter.

      - Michael, Blue Stars Parent - March 15, 2023
    • Thank you so much for all your help with my college applications. Your advice always pinpointed the exact weaknesses in my essays and help me turn them into strengths. Thank you for giving me the "insider perspective" on the college application process, always keeping me on schedule. While my classmates struggled with the stress of writing essay after essay, I found my workload to be much more manageable because of Blue Stars. Thank you for teaching me to become a better writer and helping me learn more about myself in the process. I couldn't have done it without you!

      - Tyler, Blue Stars Student - December 26, 2022
    • Choosing Blue Stars was the best decision I ever made. Dr. M convinced me they would find the best college match for my son in our first meeting. She and Helen did it. They dug into every aspect of my son's life, found all the bright points, and all of his talents. They were the best mentors and treated my son as a real person not just a learning machine. Helen was very responsible. She was also the best writer and editor. She guided my son through everything from school research, to finalizing the school list, to polishing each essay until he got early admission to his dream school: Dartmouth. Whenever we needed her, she was always there. There was no rush, no hurry, no worry because of their perfect planning, appropriate strategy, and full support. For parents like us who had no experience before, the best thing we could do was trust Blue Stars, and let the professionals do their jobs. They saved us from going on this impossible mission alone. Nothing can express our appreciation to them. I highly recommend Blue Stars to everyone who needs help with college applications.

      - Janet, Blue Stars Parent - April 21, 2023
    • I just wanted to thank Helen for everything over the past few years. She really helped me become more engaged with my academic passions and through her guidance, I was able to find my place in biotech. Before our conversations, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I couldn't figure out what my ideal career would be. Now, I can definitely see what my strong suits are and how I can bring those into my future endeavors. The timezone differences have been a bit of a challenge, since I live in Hong Kong, but Helen was willing to work together at a much later time than usual work hours. Thanks to her for being so patient! I've learned so much from her, from having her teach me how to ace the SAT English sections to our discussions about American politics. Good luck to her with her next round of Blue Stars students!

      - Mia, Blue Stars Student - April 10, 2023
    • Laura has been helping me for the past four years on not only applying to college, but also giving me advice for living my life and growing to be a well-rounded and responsible person. She has allowed me to follow the path I want to and guided me to the places I want to reach, advising me on activities I am genuinely interested in. This has been especially good for me because I had a very specific set of goals. Many people I know were very stressed with selecting and applying to colleges, but with Laura's help, I felt very little of this struggle. She helped me research and find colleges I wanted to apply to in the US and Europe, and I felt little anxiety about the outcome. She also gave me invaluable feedback on my essays which allowed me to express myself with the knowledge of what admissions officers are looking for. I am incredibly grateful as this process has allowed me to get into my dream school and become a better person than I was four years ago.

      - Amelia, Blue Stars Student - March 10, 2023
    • We interviewed several college admissions counselors and decided to go with Blue Stars. They have an effective methodology to help the student identify their strengths/weaknesses and area of interest, building up to a strong college profile. They have kept up with the evolving college admissions environment. Blue Stars has an organized approach to school selection. They took into account preferences for the child and parents, and provided thoughtful guidance. There were frequent touch points with our child, and parents received detailed notes after every meeting. They were also very responsive to our questions. Our child got into their dream school. Dr M and Helen delivered on everything they said would. We highly recommend Blue Stars to other families!

      - Sarah, Blue Stars Parent - March 2, 2023
    • When my mom brought Blue Stars to my attention as a way to help me write my college essay and supplementals, I was slightly taken aback at first. I consider myself to be a good writer and responsible student, and was already ahead in the college application process. What my mom convinced me of (and what I found to be true) was the strategic knowledge that Blue Stars would bring to the table. You may come in knowing exactly what you want to write about, or maybe you have no idea, and they will look at your entire application profile and find the best way to show all your unique and desirable aspects. Maybe the topics you thought you wanted to write about for a supplement would be better as the main essay, or something that you didn't consider would be good to list under activities. If you are less confident in the writing process and your writing skills, they are incredibly helpful in turning your story into a compelling narrative, taking your words and helping convey a message to the colleges about who you are and why you are the right person for that institution. In the end it is your future, and your application. My counselor had a lot of ideas, and I knew her only goal was to help me make my application as strong as possible. I experienced a lot of respect about the way I wanted to show myself to colleges and came to understand that while my counselor may feel strongly, everything was in my hands in terms of what the application looked like in the end. All of the people at Blue Stars work very hard, both when they are with you and outside of the meetings, so show them respect and get the work done on time, but also talk to them about what you have time to do or not do for that week, and they will work to make the process smoother. In the end, you will have a great holistic application to as many colleges as you are applying to and can expect positive results.

      - Nathan, Blue Stars Student - February 18, 2023