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    Best Parents Summer Camps Consultancy

    Best Parents Summer Camps Consultancy


    • Listing Type: Service Providers
    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: Secondary School Advisor, Summer Program Advisor
    • Service Delivery: In-Person, Online
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    With a focus on academic and career-oriented summer camps, Best Parents offers direct booking for over 600 summer camps on the top university campuses across the United States. These camps cover a wide range of topics, including sports, medicine, biology, business, computer science, and more.


    Best Parents is a summer camp booking platform that offers free advising to parents looking for the best summer camp match for their teenagers. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and expert consultants, Best Parents helps parents navigate the complex world of summer camps and find the perfect fit for their children's interests and needs.

    At Best Parents, we understand that choosing the right summer camp can be a stressful and overwhelming process. That's why we offer personalized advice from experienced consultants to help parents make informed decisions about their children's summer camp experiences. Our team of experts includes former camp counselors, educators, and industry professionals who are dedicated to helping parents find the best summer camp match for their teenagers.

    In addition to our personalized advising services, Best Parents offers a user-friendly platform for parents to search and book summer camps directly. Our website provides detailed information on each camp, including location, activities, amenities, and more, making it easy for parents to compare and choose the right camp for their children.

    Overall, Best Parents is committed to providing parents with a stress-free and informative summer camp booking experience. With our combination of AI and expert consultants, we're confident that we can help parents find the best summer camp match for their teenagers and ensure that they have an enjoyable and enriching summer camp experience.


    Best Parents Inc is a global education company based in San Francisco with 13 years of worldwide experience in our executive team for international accredited summer and winter camps . As our scope has expanded to 62 countries in 8 different currencies, the number of accredited education companies we have collectively worked with has risen to 2000+.