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    ASG Consulting – Educational and Therapeutic Planning

    ASG Consulting – Educational and Therapeutic Planning


    • Listing Type: Service Providers
    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: Parenting Advisor, Secondary School Advisor, Summer Program Advisor
    • Affiliations: Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA)
    • Accreditation: IECA Professional Member
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     ASG Consulting helps families select the most appropriate boarding school or special needs school/program, including wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and gap year programs. ASG provides ongoing support, advocacy, and planning for both students and families.

    Alicia Goldman, LCSW has close to 20 years of experience working with students and families and working as an Educational Consultant since 2005. She has an extensive knowledge base of specialty schools and programs at both the local and national levels.