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    We believe there is a college for every student and we help find the right fit, at the right price, in the right location, with the right vibe. Hundreds of students find their dream college and maximize merit aid by working with us. Our number one value is: lowering family stress!

    As we guide your student and family through high school, we can help you with everything from choosing the right classes, to building great activities, and putting together a good college list.

    Our process is a successful one. 96% of our students in 2020 were accepted into their top 3 colleges. The average merit aid offers were over $60,000 and several of our students received full-rides to top schools. We help you find schools that are right for you...not your friends, neighbors or the ones on the "usual" list for most families.

    Getting the best outcomes and understanding how colleges offer merit and financial aid is a mystery that we help solve. Our families are guided to choose schools where their students will thrive and where the opportuniteis are right for their child. Helping the familiy and student understand themselves is a huge part of the process.

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