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    The largest searchable database of crowdsourced college application files uploaded by college students themselves into LinkedIn-style profiles. We recommend profiles of accepted students similar to yours based on your background and academic goals. Discover best-fit colleges and improve your chances.

    AdmitSee is an online platform featuring the largest searchable database of college application files – including an accepted student's:

    •  grades and standardized test scores
    •  demographic background
    •  personal statements and supplemental essays
    •  extracurricular resumes
    •  honors and awards
    •  research and work experience
    •  advice about college tours, the interview process, campus life, student body culture, and more!

    The materials are uploaded by college students themselves and displayed in LinkedIn-style profiles. Prospective college students get to read thousands of real application examples and engage with the people behind the numbers.

    AdmitSee's mission is to level the admissions playing field with affordable access to admissions information. Monthly plans start at $19.99/mo and grant access to admitted student profiles, and data insights, and give users the ability to message any college student. However, cost should never be a factor when it comes to access. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch or application fee waivers can gain access completely free of charge.

    AdmitSee's revenue-share business model offers college students an easy way to make money by passing down their personal application journeys and insights to younger students – for every view their profiles get, they earn a commission. The company is bringing much-needed transparency to the black box of college admissions and paying students to pay it forward.

    By providing cost-effective, direct access to data-driven peer insights, AdmitSee empowers applicants to improve their application strategies, find trusted peer mentors, and plan for their futures.