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    A-List Education: ACT & SAT Tutoring

    A-List Education: ACT & SAT Tutoring


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    Testive combines adaptive software developed at MIT with 99th percentile coaches to help students raise SAT & ACT scores faster than anyone else. Our coaches monitor each student’s progress daily, and meet with them weekly to help them stay on track. Prices range from $99/month for self-paced study or $499/month for guided study. Custom tutoring is available on an hourly basis.

    Our online tools allow our coaches to have more frequent, more focused meetings with students and increase students scores faster. We've built technology that allows our coaches the opportunity to focus on the part of teaching they love: working with students who need their help. We’ve finally cracked the hardest problem in education: getting 16 year olds to do their homework!


    • I can't even begin to tell you how Testive changed my daughter's life. Before Testive she was struggling with the SAT blue book tests. After Testive I am proud to say that my daughter's score went up over 350 points. The score was so high that her dream college St. Josephs University became in our reach and I am proud to say she will be starting in the fall with an excellent merit based scholarship based on her SAT score and her GPA. Without both this dream would not be a reality. Thank You. Testive

      - Thomas - May 26, 2015
    • Testive is an innovative way to prepare you for the SAT's. The online learning approach with direct coaching inspired me to do better. I felt like I had a team cheering me on. Having immediate feedback with texts and emails enlightened the mood and gave me the motivation to continue and strive higher. My coach, Meg, made me feel so comfortable and lifted my spirits through the dreadful task of test taking. Thanks for a wonderful experience Testive! I wish I would have located this program a year ago.

      - Jacklyn - May 26, 2015
    • Testive helped keep me motivated throughout the SAT process. Because of Testive, I raised my score by a little over 300 points. Testive is an extremely helpful and stress free program that I would recommend to everyone!

      - Isabella - May 26, 2015
    • Testive really helped my daughter excel with her ACT exam. Bringing a child's score from 30 to 33 (out of 36) is one thing, but bringing my daughter's score from a 32 to a 35, was much more difficult. And Testive did it! There was no stress for the parent. The work load was manageable for my child. She only had to spend a few hours online every week for about 3 months and she got a 35 on her ACT! I say this is a SMART way to study for a test!

      - Joanne - May 26, 2015
    • I love Testive so much. Its so easy to use and understand! I love that everything is broken down into little categories so you can work on one specific thing. Even more than that, I love how there are those little videos that explain the answers when you review; that guy is SO helpful. It's just a wonderful website."

      - Daniel - May 26, 2015
    • I received a baseline score of 1980 when I took the PSAT in tenth grade. My first time taking the SAT I got a 2260. My goal on Testive was a 2250 so I scored 10 points higher than that when I took the SAT. I was able to see my score jump 280 points. When we were first looking at SAT prep (my parents and I), I knew that I wanted to do an independent type of study. I needed something that was going to fit around my schedule and that's exactly what Testive was. I was able to make my own schedule with my tutor and make sure I was going to be able to set aside time each day for practicing. Testive is such a great program because I know that SATs are just another thing added on during junior year, which can be stressful. Testive really brings down that stress level and makes it more manageable. Testive allows you to go into your SAT thinking you can conquer it and it keeps you from going in unprepared or feeling like you don't have the tools to take the test. It was definitely a good experience for me.

      - Jessica - May 22, 2015