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    Signet Education

    Signet Education


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    From subject tutoring and test prep to admissions and executive function coaching, Signet Education inspires a love of learning and provides world-class guidance. Whether it’s boosting a grade in a difficult subject or test, getting into the best college, or improving your study habits, we're here to support your entire educational journey.

    Signet Education is an educational consulting company that specializes in subject tutoring, test preparation, and admissions consultation. Signet Education is dedicated to providing the best possible instruction based on the individual learning needs of each student. The cultivation of academic growth and self-discovery constitutes the additional care that sets Signet Education consultants and tutors apart from the competition.

    Every Signet tutoring relationship begins with a conversation to learn more about the student as a learner and an individual. First, the education consultants/tutors learn about their needs and goals. Tutors will ask about students' current challenges and past experiences to discover what might be holding them back in their class. Although the focus is on the students' current class(es), Signet tutors take a holistic approach to give them tools to succeed on their own in any class. Once tutors understand more about your educational aspirations, they devise a great option or options for you. Signet Education is unique in the sense that students and parents decide whom they want to work with.

    Signet provides tailored academic support in a wide array of subjects for elementary school students, middle school and high school students, and college students. Students can study virtually any subject with one of Signet's world-class tutors, including but not limited to Algebra, Arabic, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Econometrics, English, Essay Editing, French, Geometry, German, History, Latin, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Precalculus, Social Studies, Spanish, and Statistics. Subject tutoring is available in both Signet's Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New York locations, as well as online.

    Signet provides personalized test prep services for almost any standardized test, including the SSAT, ISEE, MCAS, NY Regents Exams, PSAT, TOEFL iBT, ACT, SAT, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), GMAT, GRE, and LSAT. Signet tutors consistently prove their ability to help students improve their standardized test scores, and have aided students in gaining acceptance to nationally ranked universities.

    Signet also provides admissions consulting. Admission consultants have served on admissions committees at top schools nationwide, and are guaranteed able to guide students in applying to almost any academic program, including undergraduate admissions, business school admissions, law school admissions, medical school admissions, and graduate school admissions (Masters/PhD). Consultants work with students to find schools that best match their abilities, values, and personality by considering students' activities, accomplishments, writing, academic history, and life story.

    Signet realizes that academic success isn't just about learning the material. Coaches can help students enhance their study habits and time management skills, improve their motivation, reduce stress, and build a lifelong love of learning. Signet coaches are hand-selected for their knowledge of organization tools and skills, as well as their ability to form meaningful connections with students and motivate them to academic success.

    Signet Education began in 2005 as Veritas Tutors, founded by graduates of Harvard College. Signet aims to recruit and train the absolute best educators. Over the years, Signet has developed deep knowledge and powerful tools to train brilliant tutors and to match students with the best tutor for their specific needs.


    • We contacted Signet when our son needed occasional help in advanced mathematics. He has worked with Ari at various critical times in his studies. He has described Ari as the most talented math teacher with whom he has ever worked. My son has told me that Ari has a way of asking clear questions that get him to think about a problem differently and help him to understand complicated concepts. In addition to being very smart and a great teacher, Ari has been flexible, attentive and understanding. We highly recommend him!

      - Client, D.C. - August 5, 2014
    • Ron is a superb tutor in every respect. He is knowledgeable beyond my wildest dreams. He has an amazing ability to meet me where I am as a student and bring me up to where I need to be. His instructions and feedback are clear, concise, and direct-and yet, they are delivered with kindness and in a way that does not tear me down. Frankly, and somehow, he has a way of building me up that I have not experienced in the past. He is also patient-even when he has corrected the same issue repeatedly in my essays (parallelism, specifically)-and especially when I did not get my essays to him when we agreed that I would (which of course puts pressure on him, since my due date for the essays does not change, and thus his turnaround time stays the same).

      - Student, W.R.G. - April 15, 2014