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    UMS-Wright Preparatory School


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    The UMS-Wright Preparatory School mission is to educate all students to their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit and to produce in each student character of the highest possible order. Here at UMS-Wright, we build the foundation for excellence through our devotion to advancing our students in mind, body, and spirit. We strive to provide each student with a quality education while instilling character, respect, and honor. 


    UMS-Wright teachers, administrators, and staff are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills necessary to be successful in life and beneficial to the community. Student life outside the classroom is also an integral part of the UMS-Wright educational experience. We encourage students to pursue other personal interests through myriad activities offered in our Arts, Athletics, and Student Life Departments. We firmly believe that the lessons learned and the qualities developed through participation in such activities help students internalize positive characteristics such as self-discipline, respect for others, and selflessness. We ensure that each student has the opportunity to explore and fulfill all interests and that we have the appropriate facilities, expertise, and support for students to do so.