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    The Leelanau School

    The Leelanau School


    • Listing Type: Private Schools
    • Residency: Day, Residential
    • Type: Private, Special Needs
    • Grades Offered: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Country: United States
    • High School Admission Test: Not Required
    • Affiliation: The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)
    • CEEB: 231645
    • IPED: 643904
    • Tuition Boarding: $72,350
    • Tuition Day: $36,180
    • Enrollment: 41
    • Percent Boarding: 95
    • Special Needs Served: Learning Differences
    • Financial Aid: Grants/Scholarships
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    At The Leelanau School, we offer day and boarding students in grades 9-12 an educational experience where integrated learning support, individualized attention, small classes, and a commitment to whole-person wellness are at the center of what we do.

    Our setting is ideal for helping students to develop their creativity and adaptability and our curriculum and methods emphasize these important 21st century characteristics. Many of our students have unusual creativity and intellectual power and thrive under the guidance and care of our dynamic faculty. These attributes are accompanied by insight, knowledge, humor, curiosity and originality. Many of our students become superior artists, architects, photographers, poets, writers, engineers and entrepreneurs who use their divergent thinking, heightened perception and creative problem-solving to achieve success here at The Leelanau School and beyond.

    Reviews (3)

    • Leelanau has been transformational for our son, and I am confident it will greatly improve his life.
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      Reviewed on Oct/12/2016 by bobab

      Our son is a smart and engaging boy. Despite a good level of support from the school, he struggled badly in the public school system. We searched for a school that would be focused on college preparation - but also effective at teaching methods that address his executive function and ADHD issues. We found it at Leelanau.

      Leelanau is unique in addressing our sons needs - academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers are very skilled and the administrators are engaged and talented. Despite its small size, it offers a good range of extracurricular activities, including arts, music, theater and outings.

      The school has very small class size and personal attention. They offer a very solid education in the core high school skills: math, literacy, science, etc. It takes advantage of its truly beautiful and unique setting in the middle of a National Lake Shore (similar to a national park) for teaching opportunities (such as for biology) and socially (for camping and outings).

    • Same material, different approach, better outcome...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Mar/06/2016 by DKK

      The Leelanau School is unique. Academically, it has an ideal student-teacher ratio, and the experiential approach to education keeps kids focussed and enthusiastic. Given the student-teacher ratio, my son is learning a valuable skill-speaking with teachers and adults (other than parents) about school and life. It is a subtle, but significant, difference to traditional schools. The teachers and staff at Leelanau care, and it shows. My son went from 1. something to a 3.2 overnight after switching from a traditional, catholic, college-prep school to Leelanau. Here's why: in biology, why reach into a formaldehyde filled jar, pull out a dead frog, and dissect it when you can go down to the Crystal River, catch a fish and dissect that instead? In English, why sit in a class and discuss a great book (think The Sword in the Stone), when you can read the book and then go see a falconer and learn about falconry? Or, why read a book about swimming in a classroom when you can go outside and swim in a river between chapters? Which approach will reinforce the concepts better? Same material, different approach, better outcome. The Leelanau campus is beautiful, too. It is situated on Lake Michigan, the Crystal River runs through it, the campus is exceptionally large and forested, and the accommodations are just right. I highly recommend this school.

    • The Best!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Mar/03/2016 by BSven

      Leelanau is such a great school. Beautiful campus right on Lake Michigan. Our son is thriving and he is surrounded by a community of truly caring adults. We were very hesitant about sending him to a boarding school, but it has been a great experience for us & I would highly recommend it to other parents! I feel connected with the school and teachers and we speak more to our son now than we did when he was living at home!