St. Andrew’s Episcopal School


    • Listing Type: Private Schools
    • Residency: Day
    • Type: Religious, Private
    • Grades Offered: Below 6th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Country: United States
    • High School Admission Test: SSAT
    • CEEB: 251424
    • Tution Day: $11,185
    • Call: 6018536027
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    St. Andrews Episcopal School is an independent, co-ed, college prep school for students in pre-K through the twelfth grade. Best known for outstanding academics, St. Andrews has earned a reputation as the smart school.

    While some St. Andrews students are math whizzes or gifted writers, others were born to paint a portrait or perform a song. Some students excel on the field or the court, while others are more at home conducting experiments in a physics or robotics lab. Some are natural leaders, while others are the glue that binds a team together. Some students long to see the world, while others want to serve in their own communities.

    Thats why St. Andrews doesnt stop with challenging students in the classroom. Instead, St. Andrews helps each student explore his or her individual interests and strengths, and then teaches students how to build on those unique gifts for success not only at St. Andrews, but also in college, in a career, and in life.