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    Northwest Catholic High School


    • Listing Type: Private Schools
    • Residency: Day
    • Type: Religious, Private
    • Grades Offered: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Country: United States
    • CEEB: 70896
    • IPED: 230293
    • Tuition Day: $16,550
    • Enrollment: 490
    • Financial Aid: Grants/Scholarships
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    Northwest Catholic High School is a Catholic, coeducational, diverse, college preparatory school whose mission is to foster in young people a faith in God which gives meaning and direction to life and to challenge and guide them in the pursuit of spiritual, academic, and physical excellence.

    Northwest Catholic High School is a coeducational college preparatory secondary school established and maintained in the Catholic educational tradition. It aims to foster in young people a life-orienting faith, at the same time guiding them in the pursuit of academic excellence, commitment to principles of peace and justice, and service to community on all levels, within a context of awareness of the global dimension of modern life.

    Northwest Catholic emphasizes the development of leadership both for Church and society, responding to the challenges of the Second Vatican Council and to the ideals of American democracy. The diversity of the school provides a rich environment for the cultivation of leadership, with students drawn from areas characterized by broad cultural, economic, racial, and ethnic differences. Close daily contact with people from varied backgrounds fosters the skills needed for human relationships, while the recognition of differences opens the door to a variety of perspectives on political, moral and social issues and provides a natural setting for the exploration of justice and peace concepts and of the implications of interdependence.

    Northwest Catholic provides an environment of hospitality and caring in which young people are encouraged to become who they are called to be. It offers a challenging academic program designed to prepare students for higher education, together with the spiritual, social and athletic activities through which gifts of mind and body can be realized. Northwest Catholic's highly qualified teachers and administrators aim to inspire students by exemplifying Gospel values in their daily living, giving witness to the pursuit of life-long learning and demonstrating concern for students within and outside the classroom.