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    Milton Academy


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    Milton Academy, prepares K-12 students in preparation for college and life, in an environment that supports intellectual and personal growth. Faculty connect with students: setting sights high, bringing opportunities to light, tackling questions, and building their confidence.


    Milton’s environment is intellectually charged. The wide world of academic opportunity here engages studentsin a program of the highest quality. Students develop competence in the core subjects and feed intellectual passion through electives and independent studies. As they progress, students learn to express themselves orally and in writing. They develop analytical skills and the confidence to defend their opinions. They learn to be independent, to take initiative, to organize, and to manage their time.

    A regular, comprehensive renewal of our curriculum—by each department— makes sure that we’re meeting our students where they are, and that we’re preparing them to lead in a future we can’t predict, for careers that perhaps don’t yet exist. Preparing students not just for college, but for life, we work to develop critical thinking and creativity, but also adaptability, resilience, self-awareness, empathy and courage.