Flint River Academy


    • Listing Type: Private Schools
    • Residency: Day
    • Type: Private
    • Grades Offered: Below 6th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Country: United States
    • CEEB: 113295
    • IPED: 297565
    • Tution Day: $7,105
    • Call: 7065532541
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    Flint River Academy is an independent, nonsectarian college-preparatory school dedicated to providing a rigorous liberal arts education, by enabling students to develop their mind, body, and spirit to the fullest extent.

    Students at Flint River Academy seek excellence with honor through challenging educational, extra-curricular, and service experiences. Our Goals, and how we work to achieve them, are as follows:

    • MIND: Provide an engaging and rigorous academic program that ensures Flint River Academy students achieve personal excellence and are fully prepared for the academic challenges of college; Provide quality curricular programs that introduce all students to the arts and offer students especially interested in the arts meaningful opportunities to develop and excel.
    • BODY: Develop and implement for each school sport a comprehensive program that develops teams and student-athletes who are well prepared, well coached, committed to compete to the best of their ability, and who exhibit good sportsmanship.
    • SPIRIT: Develop and implement coordinated programs that develop leadership abilities and instill fundamental values of integrity, honesty and responsibility; Develop and implement coordinated community service and service learning programs to instill in students an abiding commitment to service.
    • COMMUNITY: Recruit, retain and develop qualified and effective teachers who are passionate about teaching young people and committed to Flint River Academys mission; Increase enrollment by attracting new students and minimizing attrition for the purpose of improving school programs.
    • DEVELOPMENT:Increase giving to the school and foster relationships with the larger community.
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