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    Volunteer in Honduras with A Broader View Volunteers

    Volunteer in Honduras with A Broader View Volunteers


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Destinations: Honduras
    • Credit Awarded: High School, College
    • Program Length: One Week, Two Weeks, Six Weeks, Four Weeks, Two Months, Quarter, Three Weeks, Five Weeks
    • Start Month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
    • Category: Community Service
    • Selective: No
    • Gender: Coed
    • Ages: 16, 17, 18, 19+, 19
    • Housing: Homestay, Other
    • Financial Aid: Other, Payment Terms
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    Volunteer in Honduras with A Broader View Volunteers, based in the coastal city of La Ceiba. Volunteers can choose between 9 program options and have the chance to see ancient ruins from the Mayan Empire and explore the limitless eco-trips available from white water rafting to rain forest zip line adventures.

    Volunteer Projects in Honduras La Ceiba
    Medical Healthcare
    Orphan & Child Care
    Language Immersion
    HIV Awareness
    Elderly Care Center

    Reviews (3)

    • Premedical Program
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Feb/10/2016 by Bryan

      The premedical program in Honduras was an amazing trip for me and I would recommend it to anyone considering a future in medicine. You will see and do things you never thought possible being an undergrad and hopefully it will help solidify your career path in medicine. After this trip I realized medicine is for me and I want to pursue medical school. I also realized OB-GYN is not for me. I was really fascinated with emergency trauma and surgery. In the ER we saw gunshot victims, stab victims, firework victims, and many motor accident victims. You will see some things here you are not prepared for like possibly witnessing death. Seeing someone die was hard for me, but it is part of life and you have to realize there are more people who need help so you need to move on and be focused on them. Aside from the medical aspect, I became very good friends with the other abv volunteers. Every weekend we went to different locations and traveled around Honduras. I would recommend Cayos Cochinos which is an island where survivor was filmed and also Utila which is a big party island.

    • Incredible Honduras
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/02/2015 by CamillaF

      This volunteer experience was one of the most incredible, yet most heart-breaking experiences of my life. The people in Honduras are so welcoming and appreciative of anything at all you can provide them and they love to share their culture. People can tell you all they want about what conditions are like in these countries, but you will never truly understand until you've seen and experienced it yourself. If you are a medical student, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn while helping at the same time. If you are a practicing professional, this is a wonderful opportunity to lend your expertise while also likely learning some new things (such as how to do more with less). I would highly recommend this program for anyone with a passion to help, but also willing to experience new things (both good and bad) that they never have before.
      I went to La Ceiba as a pharmacist and so I spent the majority of my time in the pharmacy. I quickly realized that the prescriptions do not include key information that I am used to in the US in order to ensure it is safe and effective. For example, they do not include the dose (rather just say # of tabs), drug allergies, age, and weight (if a child). It is assumed that the doctor is always correct and the pharmacy staff does not double-check the appropriateness of the dose. This was difficult for me to see, in particular for the children because it is so easy to give an incorrect dose that may be toxic or ineffective. During my time in Honduras, I was able to gather needed information for each patient to ensure appropriateness of these prescriptions and adjust as needed, but knowing that this is usually not the case was hard to see.

    • The support in country was...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Dec/06/2014 by Beatrice

      The support in country was amazing. I lived with the in country coordinator, and she was the nicest woman I have ever met. She helped me every step of the way, with both the details of my program placement and the transition to living in another country.
      I am so grateful for my experience in Honduras. It was incredible, I have had the best 10 weeks. I left with memories that I will never forget, friends from all around the world, and a second family to come home to one day. I cannot thank A Broader View enough!