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    Surf Paradise Morocco: Surf instructor course

    Surf Paradise Morocco: Surf instructor course


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Destinations: Morocco
    • Program Length: Two Months, Semester, Quarter
    • Start Month: January, April, September
    • Category: Outdoor Adventure
    • Selective: No
    • Gender: Coed
    • Ages: 18, 19+, 19
    • Housing: Dorm
    • Minimum Cost: < $1,000
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    Always dreamed of surfing like a pro? Sandy beaches to be yours, living on the tides, and a never ending summer vibe. Join the surf instructor course for a fantastic surf adventure in Morocco that you'll never forget. You go from beginner surfer to pro surfer during the 3 month training and after the course you will always be able to work as a surf instructor at the most beautiful surf destinations in the world!

    3 Times a year Surf Paradise Morocco organizes a special program for (beginning) surfers to obtain their surf certificate.

    The surf

    5 Times a week you get surf lessons from an international surfing champion, at one of the best surf destinations in the world: Taghazout in Morocco.

    As a beginner surfer you'll start with the basics of surfing. Then you move on to the advanced surf lessons where you learn to surf open waves, duck dive, reading all the different surfconditions in the ocean, surfing down the line and do a few tricks on your board yourself! In addition to the surf lessons, fitness training and lifeguard workshops are also given.

    Extra activities

    In addition to the surf program, many day trips and activities are organized during the weekends. You go on a road trip through the mountains, you go cliff jumping and sandboarding. There is much to see and experience in Morocco!

    The accommodation during your course

    Your accommodation during the surf instructor course will be the surf camp in Tamraght, which is right next to Taghazout. The best beaches in 5 minutes walking distance and a beautiful view over the bay of Taghazout! You will stay with other participants in shared accommodation in the surf camp. The surf camp is equipped with every luxury you need to feel at home, has hot showers, fast internet and many places to relax after surfing!

    Solo travelers

    Participating as solo traveler in the surf instructor course? Yes you can, and a solo surfholiday is more fun than you can imagine! Even almost all participants of the surf instructor course are solo travelers! You will stay with other participants in the surfcamp. before you know it you will have made lifelong friendships with people from all over the world!

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    • Gap semester surfing in Morocco
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      Reviewed on Sep/14/2022 by thvanderstraten

      I can truly say going to Morocco during my gap year with Surf Paradise Morocco was a life changing experience in so many ways! The program was intense with surfing 5 days a week, but like this I really learned how to surf in just 3 months, and got my certificate to teach Surflessons by myself! Even if you are not sportive or have no experience in surfing, this program makes you ready to it! Also the weekends are full of great activities to see a bit more of Morocco, and it is a truly great country! After a while you becoming family with the team and the participants, and you share this great experience together. Having fun together and being active outdoors in the ocean, and always Sunny weather was something fantastic and I still want to go back to Morocco and it's waves!