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    Quest Overseas – Peru Gap Year

    Quest Overseas – Peru Gap Year


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Destinations: Bolivia, Peru
    • Credit Awarded: None
    • Program Length: Two Months
    • Start Month: January
    • Category: Outdoor Adventure
    • Selective: Yes
    • Gender: Coed
    • Ages: 17, 18, 19+, 19
    • Housing: Dorm, Homestay, Hotel, Tents
    • Financial Aid: Other
    • Minimum Cost: $5,000 - $9,999
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    A 9-week Gap Year experience that includes ethical volunteering and true adventure on an expedition! Join our team in the shantytown of Villa Maria in Lima, Peru, giving thousands of children a summer holiday they will never forget. Then take on the Andes and Amazon in an adrenaline-filled expedition through Peru and Bolivia. Quest Overseas has over 20 years of experience sending international teams of young, motivated people to help local communities and have fun!

    Now travel restrictions have eased around the world, everyone at Quest Overseas is so excited to get going again! Safety always comes first and communication is key. We ensure that both students and parents are kept up to date on all the necessary details. This itinerary includes reaching mountain summits in the Andes to jumping in hand-carved canoes on the Amazon rainforest... and everything in between!

    Our application process ensures that only like-minded individuals are part of our volunteer and expedition groups. The chance to meet new people from different backgrounds is part of the adventure, but we want to ensure that everyone is going to contribute positively to the volunteering and enjoy their time during our expedition activities.

    Quest Overseas leaders, who accompany the group from meeting them at the airport upon arrival to waving goodbye at the departure gate 9 weeks later, are experts in responsible travelling but also understand a top priority is to have fun! All our staff are cherry-picked and really are the glue that ensures that everything runs smoothly on the ground.