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    Adelante Abroad: Volunteer in Oaxaca, Mexico


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Destinations: Mexico
    • Credit Awarded: College
    • Program Length: Six Weeks, Four Weeks, Two Months, Semester, Quarter, Other, Five Weeks
    • Start Month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
    • Category: Travel/Cultural Immersion
    • Selective: No
    • Gender: Coed
    • Ages: 18, 19+, 19
    • Housing: Homestay, Student Apartment
    • Minimum Cost: $1,000 - $2,999
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    The Adelante program illuminates the language and cultural aspects in a way that no other program does, through work assignments and independent living situations, so candidates experience life much like the locals live. Internships available from 1-12 months in Oaxaca, Mexico.

    The program is much more than the four hours each day of studying or interning, it is also about absorbing, experiencing and learning the life and language of the host city. We provide an 'open door' in more ways than one. The Mexico internship programs are based out of Oaxaca.

    Oaxaca is a beautiful old colonial city in south-central Mexico. Located along the Sierra foothills, the city is home to towering Zapotec pyramids and high plains desert. It's an idyllic, vibrant thoroughfare for artisans and craftsman from the surrounding indigenous pueblos and a gateway to many mountain and beach destinations. Home to ancient Zapotec, Mixtec and Aztec peoples, the culture is rich with diversity.

    Internships available in the following sectors:

    • Archeology
    • Environmental Science / Ecology
    • Arts
    • Business Development
    • Culinary
    • Law
    • Medical Health
    • Social and Economic Development
    • Teaching English / Education
    • Theater
    • Women Studies and Health 

    What You're Getting:

    • 2 weeks of intensive Spanish language classes are included in the fee, plus 3-4 excursions.
    • Lodging is included. Live like a Native in a shared apartment with other Adelante candidates/international students or elect to live with Mexican roommates.
    • Volunteer for 4 hours each day in locally owned companies, museums or grass-root organizations. You will gain real, international experience to add to our resume.
    • This program is meant to be 50% work experience and 50% cultural / language acquisition and immersion. To that effect, we help cultivate the cultural side of the program for you by organizing outside excursions.
    • The Adelante Director in Oaxaca speaks English fluently, having taken graduate coursework in Michigan, and is a native of Oaxaca. Our Director is available to all candidates as needed for counsel and assistance.

    Programs begin on the first Monday of every month. Sessions range from to one month to twelve months. Academic credit is available to students who qualify.