Architects for Learning Academic Intervention


    • Listing Type: After School Enrichment
    • Category: Academic
    • Minimum Cost: Free
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    At Architects For Learning, we are committed to building strong learning foundations for students. We want students to view themselves as confident and capable, with the ability to tackle anything that comes their way whether it's in the classroom or in life.

    Our school year program is here to help and support students throughout the school year. Students can work with experts (one-on-one) to develop strategies that will help ensure long-term success.

    Our program is customized to each student, depending on their needs and strengths. It is also structured in two, 21-week semesters and families should be prepared to commit to the fall (September to January) and spring (January to June).

    Students are accepted on rolling admission throughout the school year. To find out more about prices and how our service works, check out our website!

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