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    • Sotheby's Institute of Art Summer Art History
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      Reviewed on Sep/30/2021 by markmcgoey1

      My time with Sotheby's this past summer was fantastic. I had the pleasure of spending two weeks in July online with the amazing students and staff at Sotheby's learning about art history spanning millennia of the human experience. Despite the online conditions forced by the pandemic, the Sotheby's staff made the sincere effort to interact with students through in-class dialogue, and frequent communication with students via email and end of day events. The opportunity to learn from industry experts and Sotheby's staff about the art world and the career options within was one that I have immensely valued as I consider my goals for my college years and beyond. My personal favorite aspect of the program was the final project. After learning about the visual style and contextual situations behind numerous works of art in the Western canon, my classmates and I were able to pick a topic or area of particular interest in art around the world and to create a virtual museum exhibition of works of art from this area. The process of conducting research, composing a virtual exhibition space, consulting with my teachers, and finally presenting my project was the most rewarding academic experience of my life. I highly recommend the Sotheby's Institute of Art Summer Program to any and all prospective students and I am extremely grateful to the Sotheby's staff for all of their encouragement and assistance during my time with the program during the summer.

    • Sotheby's Pre-College: Art Conservation, Appraisal, and History
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      Reviewed on Aug/10/2021 by Meg

      I had the pleasure of being a student during term 4 of Sotheby's virtual Art Conservation, Art Appraisal, and Art History course in summer of 2021. The course covered so many aspects of the art world in just 2 weeks, and the class far exceeded my expectations.

      My personal favorite part of my two weeks was all the guest speakers. We met with conservators, curators, studio artists, and other art professionals to get a taste of what real-life careers in the arts look like and ask them about their work and education. The ability to get an in-depth intro on conservation, history, and appraisal from some of the best in the business was amazing.

      The course also offered many optional panels and discussions on preparing for college and an artistic career, including: how to build an artistic portfolio, how to view/write about art, and how to write college applications. All of the information about college was unexpected but extremely valuable.

      Finally, the faculty and students were amazing. Community Hour, an optional hour where students play games and talk, was one of my favorite parts outside of coursework.

    • Sotheby's Institute of Art Painting and Drawing
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      Reviewed on Jul/26/2021 by IC

      I have attended the Painting and Drawing course of the Sotheby's Institute of Art program. I learned to work with gauche paint and experiment with styles of painting. I was also able to think differently about the art world and careers in the arts. The instructors in this course were extremely helpful and available at any time. I was able to have my questions answered directly, and I made the most out of the course this way. I recommend this program for anyone who has a passion for art and questions about pursuing art in college and beyond.