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    Guide to Online Learning: Fall 2022

    Online learning is here to stay. The pandemic might have made it a necessity, but even as students and teachers go back into the classroom, online learning continues to be an incredible and enriching option for development, education and growth. Where you live no longer determines the opportunities that are available to you, and with hundreds of online options that supplement or enhance what students are learning this fall in the classroom, online education truly levels the playing field when it comes to accessing exciting new learning experiences. 

    We’ve put together this guide to share just a few of these options with you. Choices range from one-on-one classes at your own pace to multi-week programs where students from all over the world can work on projects together. Not finding what you’re looking for? Then consider checking out the more than 500 online programs currently listed on our website. There’s sure to be something for you!  

    Want to reach out to any of the programs below? CLICK HERE and fill out your information, select your programs, and then submit! Take a closer look at the programs in our guide with TeenLife's search filter, to help you quickly narrow down what is right for you! Follow this link here.

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