Are you looking to take a break from school, or explore the world and your interests before the next phase in your life? Here at Kaya Responsible Travel, we offer culturally immersive, supported and exciting gap year programs (and don't worry, it doesn't have to be a year! It could be a month or two!).

More About Us

Our destinations are "non-traditional" in the sense that they're off the beaten path, and here at Kaya, we're all avid travelers and volunteers, so you can rest assured that our personalized support will go a long way towards making your experience memorable.

If you're concerned about responsibility, safety and sustainability in travel and volunteering, you can also feel at ease knowing that responsible travel is what we do, and that our mission is to uphold sustainable development. We have stringent Covid-19 protocols in place and we've only reopened programs where we are confident we can deliver experiences that are of low risk to you and to the communities you'll come to know while you're abroad.

Program Locations

We offer gap year programs, volunteer programs, internships, study abroad programs, and even, starting in 2020, virtual internships in Asia, Africa and Latin America in a wide range of fields. Just to give you a sense of the scope of what we do, we offer programs in Environmental Conservation as well as Business Development - and everything in between! So the sky is really the limit!

So where can you go on a Kaya gap program this year? We are offering the following exciting gap year programs:

  • Jamaica Community Volunteering
  • Ecuador Wildlife Conservation
  • USA American History Restoration in a California Ghost Town
  • Thailand Culture and Service

Please keep in mind that you are always free to "design your own" gap year program with us. Check out our other volunteer programs and international internships to get a sense of what you can do, or talk to a placement advisor today! If you design your own program, start dates are rolling and flexible, and we can work with you if you have a specific budget.

Cost and Session Information

Program Costs and Inclusions

Please reference our website and specific program pages for precise inclusions, exclusions, costs, details and more! Also please remember that our placement advisors are standing by and ready to help answer any questions you may have.

  • Inclusions
    • Accommodations and meals
    • Scheduled airport pickup and dropoff
    • Program transportation, depending on the location (some projects are walkable)
    • Support 24/7, including a pre-departure information pack, a fundraising guide, a learning reflection guide, on-the-ground orientations and training, and a cultural and safety orientation
    • A list of exciting activities (from cooking or dance classes to Spanish lessons, depending on the program and location you choose!) to provide cultural immersion and help you connect with locals in a more meaningful way

Covid-19 Considerations

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to reopen limited locations as "pod programs" that meet our strict safety standards. In a pod program, you can travel with a small group of tested students or volunteers so you can socialize - with a low amount of risk! If you want to wait and travel until 2022, we are happy to chat about your options and timelines.

Please connect with us anytime at info@kayavolunteer.com

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Participant Reviews

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