Spend your gap year in Africa helping to preserve some of the world’s most magnificent but endangered species by participating in wildlife volunteering projects through Kaya.  Join our projects in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania and gain an insight into the many animals that live in this stunning continent.

Begin your adventure:

By volunteering alongside conservation and wildlife experts on a game reserve in South Africa. Here you will be able to see Africa’s big 5, the lion, African elephant, Cape Buffalo, rhino and if you are really lucky a leopard. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see birds, reptiles and plants that also live alongside these impressive animals. The reserve aims to enable wildlife to live in it’s natural habitat.

Continue your wildlife adventure in Zambia by:

Volunteering on a local project that aims to protect and rehabilitate one of Africa’s best known and loved species - African lions.   As a volunteer you will contribute to the rehabilitation process and greatly increase the chances of these animals being released back into the wild as well as collect data which is used in important research.

The project also has a community education focus:

Which volunteers may also get involved with, which educates local people about the local wildlife and how humans and animals can live in harmony, the aim being to create a sustainable future for Zambian wildlife.

Your final destination:

Is on the beautiful white shores of Zanzibar in Tanzania. Here you’ll volunteer on a marine and dolphin conservation project in one of Africa’s best diving spots.  This project differs from most marine conservation projects as it aims to manage dolphin tourism but in a sustainable way, in which dolphin welfare comes first. In order to do this the project needs volunteers to undertake general conservation duties, collect data, and work to educate the public on conservation issues regarding Zanzibar’s fragile marine life and the role tourism plays in it. Volunteering on this project will ultimately contribute in determining the path of dolphin tourism and marine conservation in the future.

From elephants, to lions to dolphins:

This gap year volunteering project is an incredible opportunity for you to meet some of the world’s most popular species and contribute to their longterm preservation.

What skills do I need to be a Conservation Volunteer in Africa?:

No specific skills are needed on any of these projects projects although a decent level of fitness is required. In addition an interest in wildlife and conservation is essential as well as a willingness to undertake the tasks required by the project.  Cultural sensitivity is also essential as is respecting cultural and religious norms. Volunteers will be required to adhere to health and safety rules, and follow guidelines regarding animal interaction at each placement.

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