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Spend a gap year with CET before college and get started now by studying Arabic, Chinese, Italian, or Japanese. No matter where you go, you'll take advantage of carefully designed gap programs with four core components: intensive language instruction, immersive housing, local community connections, and 24/7 staff support.

CET’s gap programs include Intensive Language courses in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese, as well as a fieldwork semester in rural China which is also open to high school students. Pre-college summer courses offer college credit and language study in 10 countries, with topics such as global health and development, environmental sustainability, politics, pop culture, and more. 


CET Gap Program Previews:


Gap at CET Beijing: Intensive Chinese Language

A full course load of intensive Chinese language classes alone could transform your Chinese. By why limit yourself? This program gets you out of the classroom and into the vibrant world of Beijing. Discuss political reform with Chinese university students. Befriend the owner of your favorite noodle shop tucked away in the hutong (alley). Get so lost in conversation with the person next to you on the bus that you miss your stop. Then tell your Chinese roommate all about your bus adventure as you’re hiking along the Great Wall.


Gap at CET Japan: Intensive Japanese Language

You’ll fly through your textbook alongside a small class of gap students and college undergraduates, uphold a limited language pledge, and participate in plenty of language activities that get you out the door—get ready to learn you’ve skipped a level when you head to college. Sound challenging? It is, but you’ll have the support of faculty and staff, your local roommate, CET peers, and even one-on-one hours to strengthen your Japanese skills.


Gap at CET Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language

Taking intensive language classes, volunteering with local organizations, living with a Jordanian roommate, upholding a limited language pledge, and meeting with a language partner… it’s no surprise our students make incredible strides in Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Dialect. And with this kind of exposure before you even begin college, you won’t just have academic credits to give you a boost—you’ll have the skills, cultural competency, and insight to inform your college experience and set you apart from your peers.


Gap at CET Siena: Intensive Italian Language

Maybe you’ve studied Italian language for a few semesters, or perhaps your interest in Italy is brand new. Either way, Siena is the perfect place to dive in and really immerse yourself. Not only will your curriculum cover two semesters’ worth of Italian language, you also take a core course that brings you to Sicily for comparative first-hand learning and volunteer with a local organization throughout the semester. And with a city as tightly knit as Siena, you can take everything you learn in the classroom with you as you get to know your host family, neighbors, and community.


CET China Fieldwork Semester

Based in Xizhou in Yunnan Province, this project-based program immerses you in rural southwestern China and fosters an in-depth, interdisciplinary understanding of the region’s culture, history, and environmental realities. Spend your semester on three major projects to help you study the land, meet the people, and understand the community.


CET High School/Pre-College Summer Abroad

CET also offers recent graduates and gap students four-week high school and pre-college programs in 10 countries. Combine study abroad and pre-college to examine local issues in Global Perspectives courses or deep dive into language learning in an Intensive Language program. All courses include housing, meals, and educational excursions, day trips, and activities in your host country. Whichever course you choose, a CET program will give you a jump-start on your future, giving you a taste of a college academic experience, a preview of residential life with roommates, and insights into potential career paths.




“This program was beyond helpful to my language skills, personal growth, and increasing my sense of responsibility, all of which have been and will continue to be essential in my journey to college.” – Clara G., Gap at CET Beijing, Summer 2019

“I am finishing my gap year and I am so thrilled to have used my time at CET to learn an entirely new language. The program and staff are excited to be teaching Chinese and there are countless activities, excursions, and outings available through the program itself.” – Abigail W., Gap at CET Beijing, Spring & Summer 2018


About CET

CET Academic Programs is a study abroad organization that has been developing and delivering innovative educational programs abroad since 1982. Originally “China Educational Tours,” CET began operations in Beijing, later expanding to other locations around the world. Today, CET offers a varied portfolio of semester, summer, and short-term customized programs around the world for college, high school, pre-college, and gap year students. Known for strong academics, professional program management, and supportive student services, CET strives to integrate students into their host communities, adopt environmentally conscientious practices, and promote diversity and inclusion across all programs.

Cost and Session Information

Gap at CET Beijing: Intensive Chinese Language – Spring or Fall

Program Length: 16 weeks

Program Fee: $12,590


Gap at CET Beijing: Intensive Chinese Language – Summer

Program Length: 9 weeks

Program Fee: $6,890


Gap at CET Japan: Intensive Japanese Language – Spring or Fall

Program Length: 17-18 weeks

Program Fee: $15,590


Gap at CET Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language – Spring or Fall

Program Length: 15 weeks

Program Fee: $12,590


Gap at CET Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language – Summer

Program Length: 8 weeks

Program Fee: $7,590


Gap at CET Siena: Intensive Italian Language - Spring or Fall

Program Length: 15 weeks

Program Fee: $15,590


CET is committed to increasing access to study abroad for high school students and makes every effort to provide awards to deserving students. All students are eligible to apply for financial assistance through their online CET accounts.

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